San Marino's unborn Banknote

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In this volume, Claudio Bugani, traces the history of the never-born banknote of San Marino, then making a cataloguing divided into six parts: financial documents, fixed-denomination cheques, mini-cheques, vouchers of San Marino companies, tickets that have a graphic appeal with the Republic but no territorial relevance, ending overseas, in a small city in the United States that bears the name of San Marino, where in the thirties the local bank was authorized to issue dollars under the name of "SAN MARINO NATIONAL BANK".

Not only collectors but also all lovers of local history will find in this book many curiosities.

Nomisma Editions 2022
Size 21 x 29,7 cm (A4)
132 pages
Hardback cover
ISBN  978-88-943358-6-6 

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