Le Franc

14,90 €

In 2016, Le Franc, guide book of French coins is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is currently a key reference work for all professionals and collectors of French modern coins. As the title indicates, it is dedicated to French coins from the Revolution to the end of the Franc (1795-2001). Le Franc is a comprehensive publication which has a typology and quotes guide as well as a research, analysis and study manual.

This work is the fruit of 20 years of research, study and indexing by the CGB’s numismatists. Every monetary types is listed for six grades. Explanations and photos accompany each type. As a true gateway to the world of French numismatics – so rich and diverse, it will help you to grade and quote your French coins as close as possible to the market rate.

- Size 10.5 x 15.5 cm
- 450 pages
- Over 1,000 color photos
- So back binding
- All quotations are reviewed and updated
- All monetary types of French coins - Bilingual English-French
- Quotes in €
- editions LES CHEVAU LEGERS 2016